Sounds Of The World brings you Ambient, Natural and Synthesized audio for use in Meditation, Relaxing, Sampling,
Sounds Tracks, Grooving, etc.

Through many travels, inward and outward, music around the world has sung it's peaceful praise of a glorious world in front of us all. Among the voices of this beautiful world I have digitally captured rivers and streams singing their way to fields of rice in Bali and down to shores of distant seas, gibbons conversing via aria in the forests of Borneo, howler monkeys setting boundaries in the homes of Mayan gods, rapturous rhythms of amphibian mating rituals and the calming force of a thunderstorm as it rolls through urban America.

These and many more sounds as well as those of others who have the sight through their ears can make their way to you on Current production projects will bring you these compelling recordings that will take you there and set you free to roam the sounds of the world.
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